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“World Health Organization”: Corona crisis may worsen “more and more”

The World Health Organization warned on Monday that the Coronavirus crisis could worsen “more and more” if countries do not adhere to the basics of precautionary measures.

“Let me be frank, a lot of countries are going in the wrong direction, and the virus remains the first public enemy,” Tidros Adhanum Gebresos, the organization’s director-general, told a virtual press conference in Geneva.

He added: “If the fundamentals are not followed, the only direction this epidemic will follow is to get worse and worse, and things should not go this way.”

According to the statistics of “Reuters” agency, the cases of infection with the virus exceeded 13 million in the world, after recording an increase of one million infections in the last five days, while more than half a million people died as a result of infection.

Source: “Reuters”