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Will Lebanon be classified among the most affected countries?

The sources of Health Minister Hamad Hassan drew his satisfaction with the results issued by the World Health Organization towards Lebanon and the possibility of not being classified among the affected countries, where it can be said that the situation is still under control and things did not reach the stage of rapid spread, but confirmed that it is not possible to rely on that Rather, all measures must be continued until the health threat is completely ended.

The sources are pointed to the high sense of responsibility of the citizens who are committed to their homes, and that remains the best solution. She emphasized that the commitment of the Lebanese to the home quarantine until next April 12 may lead to a non-increase in the number of casualties, which indicates the possibility of overcoming the epidemic.

 Sources of the Minister of Health quoted him as welcoming the individual initiatives taken by some political forces by providing quarantine centers, which is a source of satisfaction through the participation of all political forces in the responsibility and response to the coronavirus.