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WHO Representative in Lebanon is concerned

The representative of the World Health Organization in Lebanon is concerned about the high number of cases of covid-19 in the country

Dr. Eman Al-Shanqeeti, the representative of the World Health Organization in Lebanon, expressed, in a radio interview, “her concern about the increase in the number of infections with the Coronavirus in Lebanon and the lack of commitment to preventive measures by the Lebanese,” noting that “at the beginning a decrease was recorded With the number of infections in Lebanon, because the Lebanese were serious and committed to quarantine and preventive measures, but people decided to return to the old style and relaxed with the procedures followed, in addition to the infections of some expatriates from Corona.

Al-Shanqeeti called for adherence to “preventive measures”, stressing “the importance of intensifying efforts to ensure compliance with precautionary measures as well as prosecuting violators.”