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WHO: Potential Covid-19 Treatment

WHO: Dexamethasone tests are a breakthrough in the treatment of corona but must be approved with close medical supervision

The World Health Organization confirmed that it considers the results of “dexamethasone” tests to treat the emerging coronavirus “a surge” in the fight against the pandemic, stressing the need to use this drug under close supervision of doctors.

“Dexamethasone represents one of the many mutations needed to combat COVID-19, but we need to study all data regarding drug use,” said Mike Ryan, WHO’s director of emergency program, at a press conference on Wednesday.

Ryan stressed that it is extremely important to adopt “dexamethasone” under close supervision by medical personnel, noting that it is very important to ensure that sufficient quantities of this drug are stored for approval in the treatment of difficult and critical cases.

The official stated that he hoped that instructions for using this medicine would be ready in the near future.

Source: “Reuters”