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WHO: Corona changed the world in 100 days

WHO Director Tidros Adhanum Ghebryesos noted that Thursday, April 9, marks the 100th day since WHO was informed of the first cases of pneumonia in China, saying, “It is amazing to think about how the world has changed dramatically, such as This short period of time, today I would like to give an overview of what the World Health Organization has done in the past 100 days, and what we will do in the near future to relieve suffering and save lives. “

He pointed out in a statement that “on January 1, just hours after being notified of the first cases, the WHO activated its Incident Management Support Team to coordinate the response at headquarters, at the regional and country levels, and on January 5, WHO Al Alamiah has officially notified all member states of this new outbreak, and has published news of the disease outbreak on its official website.

“A meeting of the emergency committee was held on January 22, and again a week later, after reporting the first cases of person-to-person transmission outside of China, and we declared a public health emergency of international concern,” he said, explaining that at that time it was There were 98 cases outside of China, and there were no deaths.