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WHO: Corona antibiotic treatment increases the risk of death

The director of the United Nations organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, warned against using antibiotics to treat the Coronavirus, saying that “a worrying number of bacterial infections have become more resistant to the drugs traditionally used to treat them, and we are concerned that this trend will be exacerbated by inappropriate use of antibiotics during the Corona crisis” Stressing that “the increase in antibiotics raises the rates of bacterial resistance, which will affect the increase in disease burdens and deaths during and after the pandemic.”

Gypressus stressed that “only a small percentage of Corona patients need antibiotics to treat bacterial infections that appear after infection, and doctors recommend not to treat patients who show moderate symptoms with antibiotics or preventive treatment without a clinical suspicion of bacterial infection.”

He considered that “there is an overuse of antibiotics in some countries, while in low-income countries such life-saving drugs are not available, which leads to unnecessary suffering and death.”