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Wadi Al-Nahle municipality: town entry closure

A delegate of the National Information Agency stated that the Wadi Al-Nahle – Tripoli closed the town’s entrances, after the results of positive tests for the Coronavirus and confirming the infection of 14 people from the town with the virus, 12 Syrians and two Lebanese, and kept two open entries for entry and exit with taking preventive measures such as Check the heat and put the masks.

He appealed to the mayor, Khaled Al-Jazzar, “The people in the bee valley and the afflicted, to take precaution and caution and stay in the homes, after the results of the tests for the Coronavirus conducted last Wednesday by the Ministry of Health, in the town’s mosque, where it was found that there are 8 new infections so far, added To the previous number, bringing the total of cases until 14:00. “

He pointed out that “the municipality by taking the maximum measures as of now and we ask the people to cooperate with us to preserve their safety and that of their children.”