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US Scientists: We think we have found a vaccine for the Coronavirus

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in Pennsylvania believe that they have found a possible vaccine for the emerging coronavirus.

Scientists said that there is a possibility to launch the vaccine quickly, and to stop the terrible spread of this epidemic, which has infected more than a million people across the world, and has killed 51,718 people in 188 countries and regions.

According to the report published by the research team on “EBioMedicine”, the vaccine was tested on a group of mice, and it proved its ability to produce enough antibodies that are believed to have succeeded in resisting the virus.

The scientists who did the research say they were able to “act” quickly because they had done previous research on coronaviruses similar to the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) like SARS that appeared in 2002.

They added, “We knew exactly where we were fighting this new virus.”

The New York Post quotes Professor Andrea Gambuto, associate professor at the College of Medicine in Pittsburgh, as saying that the work of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is closely related to the way the previous coronaviruses, particularly SARS, are working.

Gambuto also said that there is a protein common to most known coronavirus called “spike”, which is important for stimulating immunity to the virus.

According to the research team, the new vaccine will follow the traditional approach to ordinary influenza vaccines, using laboratory viral protein blocks to build resistance to immunity.

While mice have not been studied over a long period of time, due to the urgency of the rapid spread of the virus around the world and the necessity of its arrest, the vaccine, according to the research team, “was able to deliver enough antibodies against the coronavirus within two weeks.”

The authors of the study applied for approval of the vaccine for the US Food and Drug Administration, which allows them to begin clinical trials in humans within the next few months.

The vaccine is a finger-sized stick patch, containing 400 small “microns” of protein pieces, applied like a bandage to put the medicine directly between the pores of the skin.

The researchers said they were sided with the idea of ​​using a patch instead of conventional needles, to ensure the protein arrives quickly “leading to a stronger immune response”, according to them.

The researchers said in a press release that the vaccine would be “widely and widely usable”.