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UNESCO:”gradual reopening” of schools

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced that the closure of schools and universities due to the new Corona epidemic has affected nearly 1.3 billion students, students and children in the world.

 The organization pointed out, “the start of a gradual reopening of educational institutions in some countries.”

“In mid-April, school closings included 1.5 billion students, youth and children from kindergarten to higher education in 195 countries. This number started to decline, but 1.3 billion individuals in 186 countries are still denied schooling,” she said in her statement.

It also said that out of 195 countries that closed their schools in April, 128 had not announced any timetable for reopening them.

According to UNESCO, China and Japan reopened 30 to 40% of their schools, and in some northern European countries such as Denmark and Norway, primary schools were reopened, and in Madagascar and most of the Pacific islands, baccalaureate students returned to school.

The organization added: “From now it is important to send an important message to the authorities and families regarding the need to return to schools when it reopens, especially among the disadvantaged people.”

“The stakes are essential for the disadvantaged people, especially girls, whose school is often a bulwark of violence and inequality,” said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azuli.