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The Worldwide developments of the virus

The French Press Agency has published the latest developments regarding the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world:

  • More than 206 thousand deaths
    The new Corona virus has caused the death of 206,567 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December, according to a toll set by the agency until 11:00 GMT, today, according to official information.

More than 2.9 million infections were counted in 193 countries and regions.

The United States records the largest number of deaths in the world, amounting to 54,877 deaths.

Italy is the second country most affected by the virus, with 26,644 deaths recorded, followed by Spain with 23,521 deaths, France with 22,856 deaths, and the United Kingdom which counted 20,732 deaths without including deaths in the homes of the elderly.

  • The British Prime Minister is back in business
    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson looked at the British for the first time, since he was hospitalized 3 weeks ago due to an emerging “Corona” virus.
    He called on the British to “continue to stick to isolation measures, even though the curve of the epidemic in the country is beginning to decrease.”

The British have been under house quarantine since March 23 and are expected to continue until May 7 at the earliest.

Return of schools in Norway
Norway, which confirms control of the epidemic, has reopened primary schools for students between the ages of six and ten, in a new step on the road to a gradual return to a normal life.

Boys play abroad in Spain
After 6 weeks of strict house quarantine, children from Spain can go out for walks, jogging, or play outside their homes for one hour a day, accompanied by a parent, within an area not more than a kilometer from their homes.

  • help
    Egypt has announced that it has requested a loan from the International Monetary Fund to address the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus.
    South Africa has requested assistance from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where it can obtain up to $ 2.4 billion.

Track the injured
Australia has launched a smartphone app to monitor any contact with people with the emerging virus.

In France, the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms endorsed, on conditions, a system established by the French government to track individuals and monitor contact with persons infected with the emerging coronavirus, while stressing the need to strengthen safeguards to protect freedoms and to assess its benefit regularly.

Bayer earnings increase and Adidas decline
German company Bayer Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals announced that its net profit in the first quarter of the year increased by 20% over the year, recording 1.5 billion euros, due to “a significant increase in demand due to the Covid-19 epidemic.”

On the other hand, the profits of the German “adidas” company for sportswear collapsed in the first quarter of the year by 95% due to the outbreak of the virus, which forced it to close 70% of its stores in the world.

Source: National News Agency