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The World Health Organization warns of new Covid-19 hotspots

The World Health Organization warned of new spots for the Coronavirus in a number of African countries, including Algeria, considering that the brown continent will face, during the current period, continuous increases in infections.

In a press conference on Monday, the WHO Regional Director for African Countries, Machidiesso Mwete, said that Africa will witness a “sustainable rise” in cases of emerging Coronavirus infection until an effective vaccine against the disease is developed and distributed in the region.

Moiti warned that the local government and health organizations would have to deal with the outbreaks of the disease in a number of countries in the region, especially South Africa, Algeria, and Cameroon.

For his part, the director of the organization’s emergency program, Mike Ryan, stressed that the situation in Africa is different, and said: “We saw an increase in infections by more than 50% in some countries, and in some other countries this number is stable. But in general, the death toll rises.”

And recorded a group of African countries in recent weeks, large rises of infections with the emerging coronavirus, amid continuous warnings by the World Health Organization of the acceleration of the disease in light of the lack of medicines and medical equipment in the region.

The World Health Organization announced Monday that the world recorded the largest number of daily infections with the Coronavirus on Sunday since the virus appeared.

“The world recorded more than 183,000 cases of coronavirus yesterday, which is the largest in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic,” said WHO Director-General Tidros Adhanom Gebresos.

Gebrissos added that the next big challenge is to increase the production and distribution of dexamethasone, the first drug that has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of death among critical cases of Covid-19 patients.

The worldometers website, which is concerned with following statistics of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, showed that the number of Covid-19 infections exceeded 9 million cases around the world today, Monday, at a time when Brazil and India are facing a rise in the number of infected people, and the United States, China, and other severely affected countries are witnessing new hotbeds of infection.

Source: Reuters + agencies