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The UK warns about fake treatments for the Coronavirus

British authorities said Saturday that they are cracking down on fake treatments for the Coronavirus, which currently has no specific, licensed treatment yet.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, it is investigating 14 fak or unlicensed products to treat Covid-19, a respiratory illness caused by the Coronavirus.

The latest statistics indicate that 3605 Britans have died so far due to coronavirus, and experts said the number of deaths will continue to rise until the recent measures of general isolation and slow the spread of the disease in the coming weeks.

The agency added that it was “investigating false self-test equipment and drugs that marketers describe as a miracle.”

“Do not be fooled by offers of medical products on the Internet to help prevent or treat Covid-19,” said Linda Skamel, an official at the Medication Regulatory Agency.

“There is no officially approved remedy to treat or prevent Covid-19, so any claim to do so is unauthorized and does not have the necessary regulatory approval to be sold in the UK market,” said Skamel.