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The Moph Warns!

The Ministry of Public Health warns people to abide by the imposed home quarantine and wear face masks in public!

The Ministry of Public Health alerted the citizens, in a statement, to “the necessity and compulsion of strict adherence to the conditions of home quarantine for those who are required to do so by the medical teams of the ministry, especially those coming from abroad and their contacts and who had mixed with other potential cases, even if they did not show symptoms of disease because they may be potential carriers of the virus and cause infection to others, which will restore the epidemiological reality in Lebanon to the stage of widespread spread, knowing that recorded cases of infection that transmitted the infection to others in the past few days, as a result of not applying the required quarantine.

In this regard, the ministry strHealth on”the pivotal role of municipalities and local authorities in monitoring and stricting with those who are obligated to quarantine to ensure that there is no negligence”, calling on citizens to “cooperate with the municipalities and local authorities, so that cases that violate are quickly reported to the required action and the protection of society and its family.” .

It also mentioned “all citizens without exception” by “staying away from gatherings and the need to put masks upon leaving the house and mixing with others.”

While the Ministry of Health noted the “awareness shown by the Lebanese community in implementing the instructions issued by it, which put Lebanon among the few countries that succeeded in containing the epidemic,” it again appealed to all components of society “to continue to be patient to not lose what has been achieved so far, and to achieve safe transit” For this challenging stage in which increasing casualties are recorded among our expatriate returnees. “