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The Decisions of the Council of Ministers

The Supreme Council of Defense announced that the general mobilization would be extended for two weeks until 7 June.

He pointed out that it was decided to instruct the Minister of Interior to take appropriate decisions regarding the procedures to be adopted in the period of Eid Al-Fitr and to continue announcing general mobilization until June 7 with the necessary plans and provisions in addition to measures and procedures, and the security services were also required to strictly crack down on violations.

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, started the meeting with a brief presentation of the developments and stressed the importance of cooperation to contain the spread of the epidemic and called on citizens to take responsibility.

For his part, Prime Minister Hassan Diab pointed out the need to strictly enforce the measures.

The Cabinet also agreed to allow schools to perform exams for students the way they want within the mechanism of raising students, and stressed that the school year has not ended, but must be completed remotely.

The Cabinet decided on the subject of free applications to count the number of stakeholders, and it is likely that these exams will be postponed within the next academic year after the fall of an option to include them in the beneficiaries of success statements.

Source: MTV