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The Coronavirus follow-up committee’s decision regarding “hookas” at restaurants

The Committee for the Follow up on Coronavirus Preventive
Measures and Procedures issued the following measures:

  1. The Ministry of Public Health assesses all positive cases from the Lebanese expats starting July 1 and takes the necessary
  2. The Ministry of Interior and Municipality gives the Disaster Risk Management Committee in governorates the responsibility of preparing and launching the isolation centers. Eight
    isolation centers will begin operating starting 20/7/2020.
  3. Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directs all arrivals from countries that do
    not conduct PCR tests of the necessity to stay in isolation for 24
    hours in hotels identified by the Ministry of Tourism. Both ministries should also announce the laboratories that will conduct a
    second PCR test.
  4. The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and ISF will
    become stricter in dealing with those who do not wear a face mask
    and will be issuing fines for violators. both parties will also start
    arresting those who do not abide by precautionary measures and
    cause the spread of the virus in the country according to law decree 604.
  5. Mr. Nabil Rizkallah from the Ministry of Labor and Dr.
    Ghassan Awar from the Lebanese University will coordinate with
    MoPH to specify the number of needed volunteers.
  6. Dismiss the use of hookahs in restaurants