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Recommendations of the follow-up committee: to strictly control violations of non-commitment to wear a protective mask and arrest those responsible for spreading the virus

The “Follow-up Committee for Preventive Measures and Procedures for Coronavirus” held a meeting in the Grand Saray, headed by the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Defense Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, Chairman of the Committee, and the participation of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Mohamed Fahmy, and the presence of Walid El Khoury, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, Petra Khoury, Advisor to the Prime Minister For health affairs, Laila Hijazi, the government’s advisor for public relations, and representatives of the ministries of public health, labor, foreign affairs, expatriates, the interior and municipalities, agriculture and a number of specialist doctors in university hospitals where the epidemiological reality was evaluated.

The Committee recommended to the Ministry of Public Health, “Evaluating the health status of all positive cases coming in from the first of July, identifying infectious (active) cases from them, where the latter is subject to social evaluation, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and the Lebanese Red Cross submit a list of cases that should be transferred to centers Quarantine or hospitals (government-private) in order to take the necessary measures to transfer these cases or obligate them to place the Ministry’s application on the mobile phone for follow-up by it.

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities also recommended “mandating the sub-committee for crisis management chaired by the governor, to follow up on the processing of accredited stone centers in the various governorates, specified in the Circular of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, No. 8967 dated 6/15/2020, and specify the date of its readiness, provided that the operation of 8 centers begins It has already been prepared as of 20/7/2020 which are:

1- Garage – Beirut
2- The Canadian Canadian Hospital – Mount Lebanon
3- Sheba Hotel – Mount Lebanon
4- San Anton Building – Amchit
5- Koura Residence – Koura, North Lebanon
6- Majal Anjar School – Majdal Anjar
7- Tel Hayat Center – Akkar (UNHCR)
8- Siblin (UNRWA) “.

“The Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates recommended circular to arrivals to Lebanon from countries where the PCR examination is not carried out, and the obligation to isolate inside hotels determined by the Ministry of Tourism for this purpose for a period of 24 hours, until the result of the PCR examination conducted in The airport, provided that during this period the date and name of the laboratory in which the second approved PCR examination will be conducted will be determined, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities will monitor implementation in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.

The Committee also recommended to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities – General Directorate of Internal Security Forces, “to strictly control irregularities in terms of non-commitment to putting a protective mask (of cloth as a minimum) and to establish minutes of control against violators (fifty thousand Lebanese pounds), and work to arrest people who cause Negligence, lack of precaution and failure to observe the regulations, laws, prevention and protection measures causing the spread of the Coruna virus and referring them to the relevant judiciary in reference to Article 604 of the Penal Code.

It recommended supporting the Ministry of Tourism in closing down tourism institutions that do not adhere to the generalized preventive measures in this regard, and mandating Nabil Rizkallah from the Ministry of Labor and Ghassan Al-Aawar from the Lebanese University to communicate and meet with the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Public Health to work to determine their need for volunteers Specialists, and their contribution mechanism through volunteer work where needed. “

In conclusion, it was decided to prevent the provision of hookahs in various tourist establishments (restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts …) in order to warn university doctors who specialize in treating bacterial diseases against the imminent danger that the hookah represents with the current epidemiological reality.

The committee also recommended the ministries “each in its own specialty, to circulate to all institutions subject to its supervision the need to put preventive measures and procedures for the Coronavirus in a visible place for the public within those institutions and monitor compliance with them, and assign (the working group) of the Committee to follow up on the preventive measures and measures for the Coronavirus, which Drafted a plan for containment and mitigation of risks in the health sector, communicating with the Ministry of Public Health, with the aim of assessing the medical, governmental and private hospitals’ medical, logistical needs to respond to the emerging epidemiological reality and submitting it to the committee to take the appropriate decision.