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New Decisions from The Ministry of Interior… Some Sectors are Closing for a Week!

New measures from the Covid-19 follow up committee:

Due to the lack of commitment by some economic and tourism sectors to the previously announced procedures, the level of great disdain and lack of responsibility, it was decided to return to the measures of the fourth stage of the plan to reduce public mobilization and re-close the following sectors for a week, starting from 7/27/2020.

Each of the following sectors will be closed:
1- Bars and nightclubs.
2- Indoor swimming pools.
3- Theaters and cinemas.
4- Electronic games centers for children (internal and external)
5- Sports halls (GYM).
6- Popular markets.
8- Religious occasions (such as consolation, baptisms …).

With the retention of wedding occasions, on condition that they adhere to social estrangement, with a percentage not exceeding 50% of the venue of the ceremony.

Specialized hardening devices will be assigned the following:
Amusement game centers (50% capacity).
Restaurants and cafes (50% of capacity).