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More than 360,000 deaths and 5.8 million cases

The Corona virus has so far claimed the lives of more than 360,000 people, while the number of infected people has exceeded 5.8 million worldwide.

The latest data and figures from “Johns Hopkins University” showed that the number of deaths due to corona, as of Friday morning, reached 360 thousand and 332 people, where during the past 24 hours, 4,644 deaths worldwide were recorded.

The number of infected reached 5 million 813 thousand and 919 cases, and according to the numbers were recorded 118 thousand and 919 new infections during the past 24 hours in various parts of the world.

The United States recorded the largest death toll to date, about 102,000, while the number of injured infected 518,000.

Britain recorded the second largest death toll so far amounted to about 38 thousand deaths, followed by Italy with a total of more than 33 thousand deaths, and fourth in France with a total of 28,665 deaths, followed by Spain with a total of 27,119 deaths.

In Brazil, a sharp increase in the number of deaths and the number of injured people has been recorded in recent days, as 26,754 people have died so far, and the second place has come after the United States in terms of the number of injured, with a outcome exceeding 438 thousand injured.

Source: Johns Hopkins University