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Minister of Health: We are going to close the country in a wider circle because of the high numbers

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, held a meeting at the “Epidemiological Surveillance” Center in Zahle, with the center’s employees, as part of his tour in the Bekaa today, in the presence of the official in charge of the surveillance program at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Nada Ghosn.

After reviewing the cases, infections, and files, Ghosn called for caution saying, “Only behavior can reduce the numbers, and patients should follow a preventive behavior.”

He added: “And by the way, I salute all the 26 operating centers on Lebanese soil, and let the Lebanese community know that despite the devastation, destruction and the painful calamities that we suffer from are the result of the explosion and challenges, we have here unidentified soldiers working in the darkest circumstances, we will reward them for their efforts, and work to generalize commitment,” We will not accept that anyone mixes with a relative or distant under penalty of liability. Yesterday we filed a lawsuit against an expatriate, today we no longer accept anyone to quarantine himself for three days, we will raise the stone to five days, we will work to arrest the violator and raise the fine, the fine was from five million to Twenty million, the commission today is estimated by the judge. “

He continued: “Corona has not ended, we are not facing any political considerations, we are facing decisions stemming from the numbers of infections, and they come according to data, numbers and files, and they speak and say, close, isolate any town or any governorate, and we will close some areas that were recorded. It has the highest rate of injuries, and we will work in a health emergency and adhere to the homes. We will work to close some areas away from politics, and those who will leave their homes and move on the roads will tell them your health is a priority. “

He declared that “the responsibility of the Ministry of Health today is heading to the closure, which will extend from five days to ten days, subject to renewal, and the results will be according to commitment, numbers of injuries and extension, and there will be a temporary lockdown before the general closure.”

Regarding the explosion of the port, he said: “Our condolences to the explosion martyrs who fell, and today four additional martyrs were recorded. We were with 154 martyrs and we reached 158 martyrs and 36 missing. We have enough suffering and pain. We have to reduce the drain on the public and private sector. An explosion occurred that led to escape and preventive behavior is our duty and duty.” Protect you and protect your health security. “

In response to a question about the laboratory of Zahleh Hospital, he explained, “There was a technical and legal problem in the laboratory, and this is purely judicial and legal. As for the administration, we will help to secure a specialist doctor because we need this doctor.”

He concluded in response to a question about the closure, “I will submit a recommendation to close the lock for five days, renewable for ten days, then fifteen days, and I will call for fifteen days to be closed, with the exception of associations and social activists who help remove the rubble. We will not prevent anyone from going to the capital to help our people and raise Grievance about them. “