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Minister of Health: The Committee recommended that the country be closed for two weeks, with the exception of the airport

Health Minister Hamad Hassan noted at a press conference after the meeting of the scientific committee in the ministry, that we have a meeting with a member of the World Bank and we have $26 million left of the loan for Corona patients’, stressing that ‘every infected person is treated at the expense of the Ministry of Public Health if he does not have a guarantor and the hospital charges the ministry in the next month’, noting that ‘we recommended the closure of the country for two weeks except the airport’.

He pointed out that ‘the scientific committee in the Ministry of Health recommended that pcr screening be conducted for cancer patients at the ministry’s expense, and we recommended that visits to patients in hospitals be reduced to a minimum,”” stressing that ‘the disaster management center of the Ministry of Health will be activated at Beirut Government Hospital to work 24/24 hours, and will be announced very soon due to the failure of a number of hospitals to receive the injured.’

“Most Lebanese areas have casualties and we ask municipalities and governors to return to Measure 4 and act as if the epidemic has now begun,” Hassan said.