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Minister Hassan: To cooperate in light of the high number of infections and to walk with confidence towards absolute safety

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, in an interview with “Radio Al-Nour”, stressed the need for everyone to cooperate in facing the “Corona” virus in light of the increase in the number of infections, stressing “the seriousness of the procedures by putting a face mask when overcrowded, sticking to the safe distance, and taking matters at a high level of Responsibility so as not to fall into prohibited. “

Hassan pointed out that “what is happening today is recording the peak in the number of cases within the first wave as a result of opening the country and easing the measures,” expecting that “the second wave will come in the coming fall or winter.”

He pointed out that “the danger lies in the infections recorded in some hospital establishments where the infection can be transferred to the home and then the neighbors, which makes it difficult to control the chain, which is a worrying matter that is being followed carefully and carefully.” A number of intensive care beds or the high number of deaths, which is acceptable and good, “explaining that” the mechanism of work today with the medical crews that are injured being quarantined for 14 days, after which they acquire immunity and return to work again. “

Hassan called on the expatriates to “abide by the stone from 48 to 72 hours until the issuance of the PCR examination, given that they have the right to come to their homeland, but that the community has the right to be careful about their safety and that of their families.”

Hassan stressed that the epidemic “did not end in Lebanon as in all countries of the world, but with high numbers of casualties registered, we are recording a distinguished performance,” calling for “not to relinquish responsibilities and cooperation to walk with confidence towards absolute safety.”