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MEA: Flight Operation and Pricing

Middle East Airlines – Lebanese Airways announced, in a statement, that “starting from Sunday, April 5, 2020, and at the request of the Lebanese government, the company will operate consecutive flights to evacuate expatriates and Lebanese nationals who are abroad in accordance with the conditions set by the authorities. The company will publish its flight schedules as soon as it obtains the required permissions from the countries from which it will travel. “

The company asked those who wish to return to Lebanon and whose names are listed on the regulations prepared by the Lebanese embassies abroad, to review the offices of Middle East Airlines in the countries from which they will deport from to reserve and issue their cards, with a reminder that it is mandatory to fill the required medical form as a condition for boarding and sending it To the Lebanese Ministry of Health via the following email: [email protected]

The company also pointed out that the prices of travel cards will be at minimum cost without any profit

Note that the price of the seat cost on these evacuation flights, sometimes reaches about 4 times the price of the seat cost on regular flights, due to the plane leaving Beirut empty without passengers (Ferry Flight) and returns to Beirut with half the number of seats empty to keep an acceptable distance between the passenger and the other according to the measures taken to observe the process and conditions of evacuation in light of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The price of One Way tickets to Beirut was determined from the countries from which flights will be operated in the first stage:

The price of the tickets to Beirut ranging from Economy Class to Business Class
Abidjan: $ 1,800, $ 3,900
Lagos: $ 1,800, $ 3,900
Riyadh: $ 650, $ 1,300
Abu Dhabi: $ 750, $ 1500

For children under two years of age, 10% of the price of the travel card specified above will be met.

The price of these cards is not refundable, especially since the confirmation of reservation and registration of names on evacuation flights is final, as it is impossible to cancel it because the number of passengers is related to the net cost of the trip and without any profits.

We also want to point out to our esteemed passengers that the company cards previously issued cannot be used on evacuation flights, and that these cards will be valid for later use on MEA flights.

The company wishes a safe return for all passengers. ”