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MEA announces the terms of travel as of July 1

Middle East Airlines – Lebanese Airways announced in a statement that, in light of the decision to reopen the Rafic Hariri International Airport and air borders to Lebanese, Arabs and foreigners, starting from July 1, 2020, the company will re-operate its commercial flights and increase them gradually, while taking all preventive measures to ensure the safety of travelers. .

The statement pointed out that “entry to Lebanon is permitted according to the conditions that were approved by the Lebanese General Security before the airport is closed for Lebanese, Arab and foreign nationals and for Palestinians who carry a” Palestinian refugee travel document “issued by the Lebanese authorities in addition to foreign workers (home assistance) accompanied by the sponsor. An exception is made for Syrian and Palestinian citizens who are refugees in Syria who wish to cross by land to Syria and who do not meet the conditions for entering Lebanon due to the closure of the land borders, unless they have the approval of the Syrian authorities that allow them to cross into Syria.

The travelers coming to Lebanon are divided into two parts:
The first section is for travelers coming from countries where PCR checks are performed.
Middle East: Amman – Baghdad – Basra – Najaf – Cairo – Erbil.
Arab Gulf: Abu Dhabi – Dammam – Dubai – Jeddah – Madinah – Riyadh.
Europe: Athens – Brussels – Frankfurt am Main – Geneva – Larnaca – London – Paris – Istanbul.
Africa: Accra – Lagos.

The second section is for travelers coming from countries where PCR checks are not performed.
Arab Gulf: Doha – Kuwait
Europe: Copenhagen – Yerevan – Milan – Rome
Africa: Abidjan
Procedures for countries conducting a PCR examination

The statement added: “Passengers arriving in Lebanon from countries in which it is safe to check the PCR must submit to this examination in the laboratories licensed by the local authorities, 96 hours before any four days before the departure date, and they must show the results of the check at the check-in counters before passing to In the event that the result of the examination is positive, the concerned traveler is prevented from boarding the plane. Upon arrival at the Rafic Hariri International Airport, the passengers are subjected to another PCR examination, at the airline’s expense, and the result of the examination is communicated to the traveler within 24 hours. ”

Passengers departing and returning to Lebanon within a week will be excluded from the PCR examination in the country of departure. (For example: leaving on Friday, July 17, returning on Friday, July 24).
Passengers are allowed to continue their flights on the airline’s flights from countries where the PCR test is approved without having to undergo this examination before departure.

Procedure used in countries that do not conduct a PCR examination
Passengers from countries that do not conduct a PCR examination are subject to a first PCR examination upon their arrival at Rafic Hariri International Airport, and the cost of the examination is the responsibility of the airline. Passengers must perform a second examination at their own expense after 72 hours in one of the accredited laboratories according to the Ministry of Health guidelines the public.

Positive results
In the event that the result of the examination is positive in regard to one of the travelers who arrived in Lebanon, he / she must abide by the Ministry of Public Health’s instructions in this regard until recovery, in accordance with the agreed medical protocol.

For all passengers coming to Lebanon
Any passenger showing any symptoms of corona disease or the like is prohibited from boarding the plane.
All travelers coming to Lebanon must fill in the required health form from the Lebanese Ministry of Health before leaving via the Internet or before check-in at the following ministry link:

Passengers arriving in Lebanon must possess a health insurance policy that is valid for the duration of the stay, which covers all costs of treatment for the Corona virus on Lebanese soil. Passengers must adhere to the Ministry of Public Health guidelines.

Hand bags
Passengers traveling in Economy Class are not permitted to keep hand luggage in the cabin, and therefore are required to register and deliver them in their shipped bags without any additional cost, provided that their weight does not exceed 10 kg for each passenger. An exception is light handbags and electronic devices that seat under the seat, so it warns passengers of the necessity of keeping the valuables necessary in their possession.

As for business class passengers, they will continue to be allowed to take the permissible handbags inside the cabin, provided that the luggage tag of the cabin is marked upon registration (CHECK-IN).

Gags and hand sanitizers
All travelers must bring with them: a sufficient number of masks to be used at the airport and for the duration of the flight, which should be changed every four hours. The gag is excluded from traveling with medical excuses, children and children under six years of age. Hand sanitizer for private use.
Passengers must comply with all laws, regulations, and travel requirements including entry / exit rules in and from the countries they travel to.