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“Mazboud” Isolation

As a result of the emergence of “Corona” infected people in the town of Mazboud, and under the direction of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmy, the Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Muhammad al-Mekkawi, issued a decision to isolate the town  to enable the health services to besiege the epidemic and prevent its spread. The governor of Al-Makkawi contacted the mayor of the Chouf, Marlene Kahwaji, the head of the Municipalities Union of Northern Karroub regions, Ziyad Al-Hajjar, and the mayor of Mazboud Hussein Hussein Habinger, to implement the isolation measures immediately. This decision was also communicated to the members of the Sub-Security Council in Mount Lebanon.

It is also stated that as of this evening 6 new cases appeared to be infected with the coronavirus in this town increasing the total to 15 cases