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Is there any hope that Corona will end?

Regardless of the frightening numbers of corona virus victims, there is hope that it will end soon for several reasons.

According to Medical News Today, experts and doctors from different countries are doing all they can to devise an effective vaccine, drug and strategy for treating patients and people infected with COVID-19, which has spread to all regions of the world. Although there is no vaccine for it, scientists indicate that it is nearing its end.

What are the reasons that scientists hope to end?

Among these reasons are the strict measures and measures taken by the countries of the world that have started to produce positive results. In this regard, the Russian doctor Alexander Miyasnikov says that the tragedy of Italy caused by the Corona virus was due to the lack of organized control of the disease to prevent its spread. But, in return, Russia took all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic immediately after China announced the discovery of the new Corona virus, which greatly reduced the number of infected people.

Hong Kong scientists conducted a study that included an analysis of the impact of the Coronavirus virus on staff at 43 government hospitals, and reached the conclusion that “the right measures and measures can prevent the spread of the disease on a large scale.”

Experts note that in the first six weeks of the outbreak, 413 doctors treated 42 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, without any of them contracting the disease. Also, no cases of transmission of the disease were recorded inside the hospital. This confirms that taking systematic measures to prevent the virus has a positive impact.

Professor Martin Bahman from the University of Oxford in Britain confirms that the first infection with the Corona virus stimulates the body to activate immunity to prevent the disease again. This was confirmed by the results of experiments on monkeys.

“The first SARS-CoV-2 infection can protect the body from infection again, which is of great importance in creating a vaccine and predicting how the epidemic will develop later,” he says.

The immune system can eradicate the virus, as it was found that a 47-year-old woman had contracted the Corona virus in Wuhan and recovered from the disease within a few days. Experts have studied the immune response of her body and discovered an increase in G (most common antibody types) and Globulin М in her blood samples, as well as an increase in the number of major immune cells – helper T cells and killer B cells. This is a major advance in understanding how to overcome the virus. According to Professor Katrykindzirskaya, head of the Department of Microbiology of the Institute of Dzirti, Australia.

Also, an old method can help overcome the disease. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, doctors can use an old method to combat the “negative antibody therapy” virus, which includes the use of the blood serum of a person who has HIV and is cured of the disease. It can be used to create an anti-virus vaccine.

Source: Medic Forum