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Insurance companies will cover Corona’s treatments

The president of the Insurance Companies Association, Elie Tarabay, said in a statement, “The insurance companies decided to cover Corona treatments”, whether they were mentioned in the insurance policy, or not as a humanitarian and moral initiative from them, and that the companies shall pay the dues to hospitals within three months.
Taraby said in a statement that “diseases that classify a global pandemic are the responsibility of the state, because no local or global company can bear the consequences, and that the companies decided to cover the treatments, whether or not an exception was included in the policy, as an ethical and humanitarian initiative.”
He added: “Hospitals refuse to apply the social security tariff to insurance companies, and agree to apply the social security tariff to the affiliates of the National Social Security Fund, bearing in mind that the national insurance companies initiative with distinction aimed at replacing the state with the payment of the cost of treating people afflicted with the Corona epidemic from each Its believers, therefore, must be treated by hospitals in Corona cases the same as the state. “
He continued: “The insurance companies shall pay the dues to the hospitals within a period not exceeding three months, and therefore deserve an exceptional treatment, and the solidarity of all concerned, including hospitals, with them in these exceptional circumstances, because this time is not a time for profit and loss calculations, the ball is now in the hospital’s stadium The private sector that submitted a tariff to the Minister of Economy and Trade, who transmitted it to us, and after studying it that it is clear to us that this tariff is not logical and exaggerated, as it exceeds the first-class tariff currently in force between hospitals and insurance companies, and this is what we reject altogether and in detail, as it is not built On the basis of stripes Despite the guarantee of our determination to be as is ”