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Importance of an artificial ventilator for covid-19

Due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, health authorities around the world are trying to find ways to equip their hospitals with the necessary respirators, to deal with the increasing number of Covid-19 patients.

What is a respirator?

 It is an automated device used to support patients with severe respiratory diseases affecting the lungs.

 The device takes control of the body’s breathing process, giving the patient time to fight infection and recover.

How it works?

Connected to the respirator, a breathing tube that is inserted into the patient’s trachea through the nose or mouth.

The system drives oxygen to the lungs, while the body gets rid of harmful carbon dioxide.

Why is the respirator so important to treat Covid-19 patients?

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every 6 people infected with the virus is exacerbating his condition and has severe breathing difficulties.

The virus may damage the lungs, causing the immune system to expand blood vessels to allow more white blood cells to enter.

This enlargement process can enter fluids into the lungs, complicating the breathing process and reducing the levels of oxygen in the body.

Here comes the role of the artificial respirator, as it is used to push air into the lungs and increase oxygen.

Is the respirator a treatment for the virus?

Artificial respirators do not treat the emerging coronavirus, but help support lung function, while the patient’s body fights infection.