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Hôtel Dieu Hospital: the discovery of a new Corona case and the Crisis Management Unit taking preventive measures

The management of the Hotel Dieu de France hospital issued the following statement: “Hotel Dieu Hospital, unfortunately, announces the discovery of a new corona case for a patient with chronic health problems who had spent several weeks in the hospital.
The Crisis Management Unit met this morning and requested that the following measures and measures be taken:
1- Gradual closure of the hospital unit in which the patient was and conducting checks for all patients who were in this unit. This unit will be sterilized and closed for 14 days.
2- The PCR examination was conducted for all unit personnel, including physicians, resident doctors and nursing staff, and it was found that there were 9 positive cases among them, in addition to one unspecified result. Additional checks are completed to this hour.
3- The examination was conducted for the family members of the patient who visited it and found that there are two positive cases.
At this stage, it is impossible to determine the source of these cases which were without apparent symptoms or appeared with mild symptoms. The hospital started an internal investigation and the Ministry of Health was informed according to the approved procedures.
Stress the health and quarantine procedures in the hospital immediately.
A mass screening campaign will be carried out for contacts:
1- All patients who left this unit 14 days ago to be re-established will be contacted for PCR examinations.
2- The tests for the contacted nursing staff and the cleaning crew (USM) are currently being completed.
Hotel Dieu de France in all its departments makes every effort to control this infection, whose source remains unknown, and that the safety of staff, patients, and their families remain a priority. “