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Hotel Dieu Hospital: hospital infection is under control

Hotel de Dieu de France issued the following statement:

“After the case of Covid-19 appeared in the Hôtel-Dieu de France hospital last week, the administration conducted an investigation which concluded that a visitor had transmitted the virus to the hospital. Immediately, necessary measures were taken, and throughout the three-day nasopharyngeal swab that was conducted for all trained doctors and residents, and the hospital staff using the PCR Covid-19 examination method.
In addition, the administration was keen to contact individually all patients who left the relevant unit 14 days ago and provided each with a PCR examination.

Except in the cases that were discovered in the first days and immediately after the isolation of all employees of the unit concerned and the results of more than 2000 samples showed the existence of 4 additional cases among the employees of Hotel Dieu who were all examined. Those who do not have any symptoms of home stone will be subject to their full recovery.

This unprecedented initiative, widely conducted, confirms the hospital’s general management commitment to effectively control and prevent the spread of the virus, even at the point of spread of the virus without symptoms.

In light of the results of this comprehensive examination campaign, the Hotel du administration confirms that the hospital campus is free of Covid-19 cases and that it takes all necessary health measures to prevent the spread of this epidemic. “