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Germany Warns!

Germany warns of the second and third waves of the Corona virus pandemic

The director of the Robert Koch Institute for Viruses of the German Ministry of Health, Lothar Vellier, warned that the world will face the second and third waves of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.

“We know almost certainly that there will be a second wave. I am starting that we will face a second and third wave of the spread of infection, and this is confirmed by experts,” Feller said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The director of the institute in Berlin, which represents the official body responsible for following up the pandemic in Germany, stressed that the health system in his country is well prepared for new waves of outbreak, and said: “A lot has been done here for that, and doctors now know how to deal with infected patients, and we will have Better remedies. “

Feller stressed that the German medical authorities intend to expand the scope of tests for the new Corona virus emerging in the country, indicating that it is possible that this number per day reaches 142 thousand in 132 laboratories.

Germany has so far carried out about 2.4 million examinations that have revealed 16,699 confirmed infections with the newly borne Corvon virus, “COVID-19”, including 6,993 deaths.

And the World Health Organization has previously confirmed that the emerging coronavirus will remain among human society “for a long time”, considering that a second wave of the pandemic will at least hit the world because there is no vaccine ready against the disease so far.