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Fears of a severe wave of “Corona” in Lebanon!

After days during which the voice of the financial address and the bailout plan, which will be a fortunate week, will be the focus of negotiations, it will start with the IMF to obtain a funding program of about $ 10 billion over five years, after what happened to what appears to be the “fragmentation” that the plan is being subjected to from the people of the government house as powers The opposition, Corona has returned strongly to the internal priorities, with disturbing signs looming over the increasing numbers of casualties, which moved in a very few days, and from zero cases for residents to 11 injuries yesterday added to two positive cases for expats from Cobat and Senegal who were among those returning in the evacuation process. The Continuous for the spreaders, increasing the total number of injuries to 809, including 234 cases and 26 deaths.

In light of this surge of “Corona”, fears increased that Lebanon would be in the midst of a severe wave of infections that might shake its health system, especially since the virus “renewed” internally comes in light of the easing of public mobilization procedures, until the Ministry of Education announced the resumption of the year Academic starting from May 28 (for the basic post-ninth stages) with canceling the intermediate certificate exams (ninth grade certificate) and giving students a certified statement of passing the stage, and most importantly, with preparation for the third stage of evacuating the publishers, which begins Thursday, to include about 13 thousand Lebanese, amid a jump Large formed by a high proportion Injuries among African returnees in recent days.