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Embassy in France: planes carrying medical Equipment

The Lebanese embassy in France issued the following statement: “With a joint effort between the Lebanese embassy in France, the Middle East Airlines office in Paris, Lebanese civil societies and a number of charitable organizations, each of the two planes arriving from Paris today bears a surprise.

The 1st plane carries 240 “PCR” exams, provided by a Lebanese professor for the Ministry of Health, that checks the number of arriving passengers. The mission works to subject all passengers on the upcoming flights before taking off to “PCR” examination, after checks are available in France.

The second plane carries about half a ton of drugs and medical supplies that were collected by more than 25 Lebanese societies under the supervision of the French Lebanese Medical Association, the largest Lebanese association in France, which represents all doctors and medical workers in France, for the benefit of Beirut Governmental Hospital to support the efforts of those in it Their war against the Corona epidemic. “