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Decree No. 6209 to extend the declaration of state emergency

Decree No. 6209 was issued to extend the declaration of the state medical emergency to counter the spread of the Coronavirus, in which:

“The President of the Republic, based on the constitution, based on the law issued on 12/31/1957 (Law of Infectious Diseases in Lebanon)
Based on Legislative Decree No. 102/1983 and its amendments (the National Defense Law), especially Article Two thereof,
According to Decree No. 6198 of 3/15/2020 (Announcing the state of medical emergency to Confront the Spread of Coronavirus)
Based on the end of the Supreme Council of Defense in its meeting on 26/3/2020,
On the proposal of the Prime Minister.
And after approval of the Council of Ministers on 26/3/2020.

Draw the following:

First Article: The medical emergency case announced in Decree No. 6198 dated 03/15/2020 extends from the twenty-fourth of March 29, 2020 until the twenty-fourth day of Sunday, April 12/2020.

Article Two: Activating and implementing the measures and procedures imposed by Decree No. 6198 of 3/3/2020 and Resolution No. 49/2020 of 3/21/2020 issued by the Prime Minister (implementing instructions of Decree No. 6198) with a deterrent militancy from all military and security services In suppressing violations, leading to the non-spreading of the epidemic.

Article Three: This decree is effective immediately upon its issuance, and it is published and notified to where it is necessary.