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Covid-19 Examinations at Ain Al-Hilweh Camp

A specialized team from Saida Governmental Hospital will move, tomorrow morning, Wednesday, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health, to Ain Al-Hilweh camp to take random samples from the camp residents as part of a campaign to detect infections with the new Corona virus, in cooperation with the agency “UNRWA”, where it will be conducted Tests at the first and second agency clinics in the camp.
It is the first time since the start of the Corona crisis that an official medical and nursing team enters the Ain al-Hilweh camp by Saida Governmental Hospital located at the entrance to the camp, to perform these checks, knowing that previously samples were taken of Palestinians from the camp’s sons in the same hospital in cooperation with UNRWA as well. However, similar visits by specialized teams will follow, from Saida Governmental Hospital to Mieh Mieh camp, and to the main UNRWA clinic in Saida.
The Sidon Governmental Hospital continued the campaign of conducting pre-emptive preventive examinations in cooperation with the municipalities and NGOs in the region, so a specialized team took random samples for citizens in the town of Ghaziyeh (Sidon District) in cooperation with the municipality, and the number reached about 56.
The campaign also included the town of Sarafand in Zahrani in cooperation with its municipality, where about 45 random samples were taken.
The Director General of Sidon Governmental Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Al-Samadi indicated that since the start of the campaign, the number of random pre-emptive examinations carried out by the hospital’s specialized teams has reached around 250, of which about 30 are Palestinians.
Al-Samadi affirmed that Sidon Governmental Hospital is fully prepared for cooperation and assistance in coordination with all municipalities, and the dates for which campaigns will be held in each town will be announced later.