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Corona is getting worse … and “WHO” warns of running out of oxygen

The World Health Organization has warned that the number of “Covid-19” infections will reach 10 million by next week, at a time when the epidemic has not reached its peak in some areas of the Americas.
“During the first month of this epidemic, the World Health Organization recorded 10,000 cases, and during the past month, 4 million cases were recorded, and we expect to reach 10 million cases next week,” WHO Director-General Tidros Adhanom Gebresos announced in a video conference. .
The UN official indicated that the most effective way to save lives is to provide oxygen to patients who need it, warning that the demand for medical oxygen now exceeds supply.
He said that medical oxygen for patients with severe symptoms of “Covid-19” is running out.
According to WHO estimates, the world currently needs about 620,000 cubic meters of oxygen per day.
The American Continent
For his part, WHO Director of Emergency Michael Ryan warned that “the epidemic on the American continent is at a very strong level, especially in Central and South America.”
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He added, “We have witnessed a continuous and worrying pace, with many countries increasing by 20 to 25% during the past week” in the number of infections.
“Unfortunately, the epidemic has not reached its climax in many countries of the American continent,” Ryan said, noting that the high level of transmission does not allow these countries to end the implementation of “harsh health and social measures.”
World statistics
The new Coronavirus has killed 477,750 people worldwide since its appearance in China in December, and has recorded more than 9 million and 279,310 infections officially in 196 countries and regions.
The United States – which recorded the first death in Covid – 19 in early February – is the country worst affected in terms of deaths and infections, with 121,225 deaths out of two million, 347,102 infections.
Brazil comes after the United States, where it recorded 52,645 deaths out of a million, 145 thousand and 906 infections, followed by the United Kingdom with 42,927 deaths (out of 306 thousand and 210 infections), then Italy with 34,675 deaths (out of 238 thousand and 838 infections) ), France, with 29,720 deaths (out of 197,674 infections).