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Consumer protection: to back away from serving Shisha

In a statement today, the Consumer Protection Association surprised, “The Minister of Tourism’s decision to allow the delivery of hookahs in all restaurants, cafes and all tourist institutions in light of the Corona pandemic, and the government has long demanded the implementation of Law No. 174, prohibiting smoking in public places that have been issued for more than eight years and what Ink remains, especially since the World Health Organization has called on countries to take advantage of mobilization to reduce smoking. “

She stressed that “smoking under the pandemic increases the risk of health complications and the risk of infection with the Corona virus, not to mention the participation of various parts of the hookah, which strikes the principle of social divergence and health standards, contributes to reduced immunity and increases preparedness for respiratory infection.”

The Association endorsed the position of the Medical Association, calling on the Minister of Tourism, Ramzi Musharrafia, to “reverse this decision immediately, in order not to hit the health efforts that were taken to confront the virus and maintain the accompanying health standards, and to protect the health of citizens.”