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CNN: Americans prefer to stay in Lebanon

The American channel “cnn” talked about Americans who preferred to stay in Lebanon in light of the Corona crisis, rejecting the offer to return to their homeland, saying they were “safer” in Beirut.

Carly Fogley, a humanitarian consultant, noted that a group of Danish friends in Beirut tried to persuade her to leave Lebanon in the light of the Corona crisis but decided to stay, saying: “I think I might be safer here.”

The channel noted that Fogley’s decision was also made by many American citizens in Beirut whom I spoke to, noting that these people explained their decision with the huge numbers of injuries in the United States.

For her part, the American journalist Abi Sowail, based in Beirut, expressed her refusal of the offer to return, explaining that she feels more secure in Beirut, “The situation is worse in the United States in terms of the number of injuries, preventive measures taken and a heavy health system.”

She explained that she does not have health insurance in the United States now, since she has been working for years outside of it, and if she returns and is infected with the virus, she will pay thousands of dollars from her pocket to treat her.

Source: CNN