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Circular Regarding “Argile”

The Ministry of Tourism announced in a circular issued by it, “In coordination with the Committee to follow up the preventive measures and measures for the Corona virus and with the Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafes, Amusement and Patisseries in Lebanon, the Minister of Tourism, Professor Ramsay Al-Mishrefiya, took a decision to re-allow the provision of shisha service in restaurants, cafes, swimming pools and all tourist institutions, within Outdoor places are permitted.

Note that the Ministry warns of the health risks involved and the harms they inflict on the respiratory system, which reflects negatively on the health of smokers and those who are in contact with them and the high cost of the health bill, and stresses the need to adhere to the Tobacco Control Law No. 174/2011, while adhering to the following procedures and standards:
1 – Commitment All employees provide shisha under general conditions of health and safety by wearing special uniforms, masks, and gloves, with complete care for personal hygiene.

2- The periodic examination of temperature for all employees providing the shisha service

3- Using steam sterilizers for all shisha parts from inside and outside and comprehensive sterilization of shisha before and after each use from the customer, by cleaning the entire shisha parts inside and outside with water and soap and disinfecting them with sterile materials approved by official authorities

4- Replacing the bottled water inside the hookah bottle before and after each use

5- Presenting the healthy, one-time use of the brochure, provided that it was enveloped “from the origin, taking care to open the packaging in front of the customer and upon use.

6- Shisha can only be used once a day after it has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized

7- Not allowing the shisha to be given to those under 18 years old

8- The appropriate spacing between the tables according to the previously issued circulars.