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China: Corona outbreak in Beijing has become “very dangerous”

Beijing municipality warned Tuesday that the spread of the new Coronavirus in the Chinese capital has become “very serious” as the city faces a new outbreak of the virus, which is believed to have originated in a food market.

The warning, which was launched in the Chinese capital, came after the Chinese health authorities announced that 40 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus had been recorded on the mainland, 27 of which were in Beijing alone.

On the day before (Sunday), China had 49 cases of coronavirus, while the National Health Authority reported 8 cases on the Chinese mainland as of the end of Monday, compared to 10 cases the previous day.

The commission also recorded 6 new cases without symptoms, down from 18 the previous day, according to Reuters.

The total number of Coronavirus infections on mainland China reached 83221, while the number of deaths remained unchanged at 4,634 deaths.

China faces a new return to the virus as its economy tries to recover from closings earlier this year, after nearly two months of no new infections being reported. Beijing has seen a boom in cases linked to Asia’s largest wholesale food market.

Globally, the number of new Covid-19 infections worldwide increased to more than 8 million, on Monday, as infection escalated in Latin America and the United States.

The United States remains in the forefront with the largest number of injuries, amounting to nearly two million, or 25 percent of all reported cases.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 outbreak, caused by the Corona virus, is spreading faster in Latin America, which now accounts for 21 percent of all cases, according to Reuters statistics.

In Brazil, cases and deaths of Covid-19 increased, ranking second in the world for the number of infections.