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Bekaa Governor: 3 Infected Soldiers

The Governor of the Bekaa District, Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, announced, in connection with the office of the National Information Agency in Zahleh, that “3 military personnel were confirmed to have been infected with the Coronavirus, two of them in Majdal Anjar town and the third in the town of Talbaya, after they had been undergoing PCR exams, and were placed in home quarantine.”

He also announced that he had followed up on this issue with the mayors and instructed them to take the necessary precautions and implement the decision of public mobilization in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, “because we are still in the stage of danger.”

On the other hand, Abu Joudeh followed the issue of the overcrowding that occurred during the distribution of food aid in the city of Zahle, with each of the commander of the Bekaa regional region in the Internal Security Forces, Colonel Rabie Maja`s, the regional director of the Directorate of State Security in the Beqaa, Colonel Bishara Haddad, the mayor of Zahleh, and the hanging of Asaad Fluffy, to take action.