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Becharre Hospital: Exclusive Information

The administration of Becharre Governmental Hospital clarified in a statement that “after conducting several studies of corona cases in Becharre, it became clear to us that not all of them are from the same source, there are many possible sources of the virus reaching the city, and as of this hour, no one can medically or scientifically confirm the starting point of the spread of the virus. “

The statement pointed out that “some possibilities indicate that the virus came with one of the expatriates or travelers from the people of Bcharre or tourists, or one of the sons of Bcharre who lives outside the city or one of the visitors, so a laboratory analysis was done for a number of these without accessing a specific source so far. We reaffirm that the positive case confirmed on 3/26/2020 is the first confirmed case through the PCR examination.

The hospital’s administration asked the people of Bcharre “to stop the circulation of rumors about the source of infection and help us control the epidemic through strict adherence to social separation and crisis cell instructions in the hospital and all the competent authorities, the initiative to contact the hospital or any doctor from a human to conduct a free PCR in case of contact with a known condition or in the event of any other symptoms. “

The hospital’s administration concluded by repeating that “all medical information related to cases and injuries is issued exclusively by the Department of Medical Information related to cases and injuries, issued exclusively by the administration of the governmental hospital of Becharre through its board chairman Dr. Antoine Geagea or its director Edgar Lizm Rahma. The hospital is not concerned with any statement issued by any other party. ”