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Becharre Hospital: 12 new cases recovered

Bcharre Governmental Hospital announced, in a statement, the recovery of 12 infected people from the new “Corvid 19” virus in Bcharre, increasing the number of people recovered to 60.

The hospital stated that the newly recovered people are: Emily Joseph Geagea, Maroun Youssef Touq, Bernadas Caesar Keyrouz, Suhaila Al-Abed Geagea Touq, Matanius Mansour Touq, Alec Jan Touq, Marwan Charbel Karam (Al-Hariri Hospital), Adiba Mansour Sukkar, Adal Shaheen Touq, Hanna Shaheen Touq , Therese Al Zein collar, Shafiqa Hanna Sukkar.