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Are schools prepared to open after Corona?

The Central Agency wrote:

With the announcement of the start of a gradual easing of public mobilization, which will take place in five stages, schools will open their doors in the fourth stage on the 25th of this month in front of students of official certification classes and in front of the rest of the classes in the fifth stage on June 8, but how will the return take place and are the schools equipped?
The Secretary General of the Catholic Schools, Father Boutros Azar assured to Al-Markazia that the most dangerous institutions that will return to the labor movement are the educational institutions because they include children who do not know how to act, and enthusiastic young people who love to play and joke with each other. During his participation in the meeting of the Economic and Social Council, asking him to set a specific mechanism for return, on how to arrange and sterilize the rows and sterilize the cars and buses that transport the students, explaining: “This does not mean that we are against returning to schools, on the contrary,” noting that “I divided the office The educational committee has committees and every committee studies a topic with me We are on how to return after “Corona”, we have not finished with it yet, and we will work to outline the information in order to circulate it to schools about how to receive students, divide classes, method of sterilization and communicate with parents, and I asked the Minister of Health to issue a guide for all these issues in cooperation with educational bodies and presented it to a minister Education Tariq Majzoub during our meeting this week. “
On the announcement of the Minister of Education that official exams exist for both the Al-Buraifiya and General Secondary Certificates, with deletion of materials, changing the pattern of exam questions and reducing lessons at all stages, and the possibility of benefiting from the Lebanese University halls to organize the exams, Azar said: “From the beginning I was against canceling the official exams, but this time I I differed a little in relation to Al-Breviyeh, explaining, “I am not with the abolition of materials, but with the benefit of the circumstance in which we are, as if we pose a free question to the student to talk about the environment instead of abolishing the subject of education, for example, how did” corona “affect the environment, and in geography we ask For example, a question on how to Distribute the countries geographically according to the “Corona” injuries and what are the countries that they heard about during this period and were more affected than others, when did the Corona begin and what do you know about it and about the epidemics in the world, that is to say, to ask uncomplicated questions. The centenary of Greater Lebanon, we ask the student whenever the state of Greater Lebanon is declared. We ask easy questions without removing the material, because the materials are related to each other, and it is not permissible to cancel one article at the expense of another. ”