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Al Roum Hospital: 12 cases of corona were recorded in Bcharre this evening

St. Georges University Hospital indicated that, due to the increase in infections of the Coronavirus in the town of Becharre, the Crisis Management Center at the Becharre Governmental Hospital contacted Roum Hospital asking them to help in conducting “PCR” examinations for cases suffering from symptoms.

The hospital indicated in its statement that “it performed tests on Monday for 27 cases in Bcharre that indicated the infection of 12 people, and on Tuesday evening, it performed tests for 27 cases that indicated the infection of 12 new positive cases, which is a very high number compared to the cases recorded in the last two days in Lebanon The presence of a total of 24 positive cases out of 54 tests, or 45% within two days, is a very high percentage confirming the wide spread of the virus in the town, which calls for a general survey through a wide and comprehensive examination that may reach 800 tests.