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Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital is ready for PCR

Director of Dr. Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Khadrin, stated in a statement today that “starting from this day, it is now possible to take samples and perform PCR examinations for patients who may be infected with the new Coronavirus, after the hospital has been equipped with the necessary laboratories for this matter, with directions and support From the Ministry of Health, it is now possible to complete up to 95 PCR exams daily, and that the PCR examination lab is directly connected ONLINE with the Ministry of Health. “

Khadrin pointed out that “the department of corona treatment in the hospital, which is supervised by Dr. Jamal Hammoud, is ready to receive patients, which is completely separate from the other departments of the hospital, with full readiness for the medical, nursing and administrative staff.”

He pointed out that “the department, which was equipped with material and in-kind donations by many philanthropists, includes up to 40 beds.”

He declared that “Corona patients who need intensive care will be transferred temporarily to the Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut, pending the completion of the intensive care department in the government hospital of Halba, which is currently being prepared.”

Khadrin said, “The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will begin work within a short period of time to establish and equip pre-prepared rooms in one of the hospital’s external courtyards, which can accommodate up to 45 beds that raise the hospital’s readiness in the event of an outbreak of the Corona pandemic and receive patients from the Lebanese and Syrian refugees.”

It is mentioned that, in the context of the existing preparations to confront the consequences of the new Coronavirus, the quarantine center in the Telhaya professionalism – Kafr Melki, which UNHCR and its partner organizations and UNICEF are preparing under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and with the follow-up of the governor of Akkar, the lawyer Emad Al-Labaki in cooperation with the Municipality of Talhaya, will be put into service during The middle of next May, and the process of securing the administrative, medical and nursing staff of this center is almost complete. “