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Al-Hariri Hospital: The death of the first baby infected with Covid-19

Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced in a statement the death of the first female baby infected with the coronavirus who had congenital heart defects.

The baby was transferred to Al-Hariri Hospital 25 days after she was born and was diagnosed from inside the hospital, where it was found that she had the coronavirus and was suffering from a congenital heart defect, and she was receiving oxygen around the clock to help her breathe. The medical team initially started treating her with medication, but her condition necessitated the resort to heart surgery.

The hospital witnessed its first cooperation with Al-Rasoul Al-Azam Hospital, where a medical team specializing in open-heart operations came from Al-Rasoul Al-Azam Hospital to Rafic Hariri University Hospital to conduct the baby’s heart operation in the operating room in the under strict precautionary measures to avoid the transmission of the virus to the medical and nursing staff.
The girl was suffering from acute infections, despite the difficulty of the operation she underwent, in addition to the effect of the Coronavirus on the lungs, which weakened her immune system.

May God bless the deceased with the mercy of his mercy and inspire her family with patience and solace.