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Al-Hariri Hospital Report

Rafic Hariri Hospital: 162 cases of recovery and one positive result out of 271 examinations and 26 cases in isolation

Rafik Hariri University Hospital issued a daily report on the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus, which states: “The hospital conducted 271 laboratory tests, one positive result and the rest of the tests were negative.

The total number of laboratory-confirmed cases infected with the Corona virus, currently present in the hospital’s isolation area, is 26.

Thirteen suspected cases of coronavirus infection were received from other hospitals.

Two cases of recovered from the Coronavirus after the result of the PCR examination were negative both times, and they got rid of all symptoms of the disease.

The total number of cases that have been fully recovered from the Corona virus from the beginning to date has reached 162.

All those infected with the Coronavirus receive the necessary care in the isolation unit and their condition is stable, except for one critical condition in the intensive care unit.