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Al Hariri Hospital: 10 Positive Infections

Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced, in its daily report on the latest developments on the Corona virus.

  • The hospital conducted 369 laboratory tests: out of 219 exams, there were 10 positive results, including the repetition of 9 tests.
  • The hospital also conducted tests for 150 foreign workers, and 17 positive cases were recorded.
  • The total number of confirmed cases that showed her infection showing Corona presently in the hospital’s isolation area is 27.
  • 27 suspected cases of corona were taken from other hospitals.
  • 4 cases of recovering from the Coronavirus after the result of a negative PCR examination came both times after eliminating all symptoms of the disease.
  • The total number of cases that recovered completely from the Corona virus from the start to date, 177 cases of recovery.
  • All files created Corona are printed with the necessary care in the isolation unit and their condition is stable, and no critical cases are recorded.