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Al-Hariri Hospital: 1 Death & 2 Critical Cases

Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced its daily report on the latest developments of the Coronavirus, which states that the number of PCR tests conducted in the hospital’s laboratories during the past 24 hours, reached 485 tests and that the number patients infected with the virus present in the hospital for follow-up, are 34 patients, and the number of cases suspected of being infected with the virus that were transferred from other hospitals during the past 24 hours: 15 cases.

The Hospital also announced the recovery of two cases, increasing the total number of cases recovered cases from the beginning to date to 218 cases, noting that two cases were taken to the home quarantine “after the doctor confirms that they have recovered clinically.”

The Hospital stated that the number of critical cases inside the hospital is two cases, including a 25-day-old child, who suffers from a congenital heart problem.

The death of a man in his 80’s who was suffering from chronic diseases was also announced