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A Website That Tracks Coronavirus in Lebanon

Jean-Pierre Akl creates “”, a platform ensuring regular updates on the latest developments of the coronavirus pandemic in Lebanon.

Jean-Pierre Akl, a student at NDU, is setting up an informative website accessible to all in order to ensure regular monitoring of the evolution of the coronavirus in Lebanon. “I wanted to create this site when I realized that there is unfortunately a lot of false information circulating on social networks and on WhatsApp around the Covid-19 pandemic in Lebanon. I said to myself why not do it, as part of my studies, by developing my academic project, ”says Jean-Pierre Akl. Supported and followed by his teacher Maya Samaha Rupert, this student in Management Information Systems at the NDU hurriedly launched the website which he developed on his own. “The particularity of this website is that it allows Internet users to have access, during their visit, to any type of useful information and information collected, from official and local sources, about the pandemic “, Specifies the young man 20 years old.

“It took me about a week for the website to be designed and a few more days of testing to make sure the site was working properly so that users could avoid technical problems during their visits. I naturally chose to make it accessible on computers as well as on mobile phones, “notes Jean-Pierre Akl. Written in English, the site contains general information about Covid-19, its symptoms and preventive measures to avoid the risk of contamination in addition to detailed information about daily developments, locally , of the pandemic. In this way, internet users can take note, in real time, of the official data communicated concerning the cases of contamination identified locally by region, deaths, recoveries, tests carried out and the number of people placed in quarantine. Likewise, visitors can consult the list of insurance companies that take care of patients with Covid-19 and those of the hospitals that receive them, and find out about the repatriation program for Lebanese who wish to return to the land of the Cedars. “I spend a fair amount of time everyday collecting information about the evolution of the pandemic and updating the site. The data that I publish is collected from the Ministry of Health, the Lebanese Insurance Supervisory Commission and the Lebanese airline, MEA, ”continues Jean-Pierre. The student took care of the costs related to the creation of the site and does not wish to take advantage of it by placing advertising there: “My goal is to provide the maximum of information to my users to help them cross this crisis ”, he underlines.

Passionate about computers, Jean-Pierre Akl seeks, as a teenager, to learn more about programming, the development of websites and mobile applications. He practices, self-taught, how to create websites, mobile apps and even an e-learning management system. The courses he took at the NDU allowed him to strengthen his knowledge of programming and web development, and the student is currently working to offer innovative solutions with the aim of simplifying administrative procedures. “I have a project that I am looking to develop and which consists of enabling Lebanese to carry out certain administrative procedures online, such as registering vehicles, in order to save time and effort”, finally entrusts the young man who wishes to apply himself to develop his project.

Source: L’orient le jour

Author: Carole Awit